The biggest question is do the enlargement products work?

You must have across these advertisements for sure

It is probable that every other day there are advertisements across all forms of media that proclaims that they have discovered the secret concoction to enable the enlargement in size. There are also a multitude of other products including forms and sequence of weight and exercise that will prove beneficial in increasing the size of their member.

It is so easy to fall for such claims

When you are a male and gearing for some serious adventures in life you would love to have extra ammunitions on you so that you are indefatigable. You love to add to your male ego to last longer in bed with her and above all this you want to give her the most ecstatic pleasure that she has only fantasized and never ever experienced. The advertisements and write up on this topic are everywhere. They are hard to miss. From propagating the magic herbal drink to advising strengthening exercises, they all claim that they are the short cuts to the bigger and better penis. Really?! We need to find out then.

The main non surgical ways of penis enhancement are

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Weights and exercises

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There are mainly two methods that proclaim to increase the size of the penis. They are

Surgical method of enhancement: till even a decade ago, surgery was the one and only way to increase the size of the member. Any other means to enlarge it was thought to be non scientific and consequently sham. Going under the surgeon’s scalpel was thought to be costly but most effective way of getting the desired shape and size.

Non – surgical method of enhancement: the non surgical methods are in fact alternative forms of medicine. The herbal concoctions and the exercises all fall into the non surgical methods of penis enlargement. There is no real scientific backing with all these quick fix ways. In fact some of the reputed sexologists and urologists are of the opinion that these non surgical fixes do more harm than good and we must be therefore very vary of trying them out easily without seeking any expert medical advice. Some of the methods are even thought by them to be ineffective.

All men suffer from fear psychosis

Studies show that 90 percent of men suffer from the fear psychosis that their penis is too small to perform in the bedroom. The research further goes on to state that it is only that the men think that way. In fact these men are the ones with average size of penises. These men suffer from a condition called “The Small Penis Syndrome” where they feel that they have smaller assets than what they actually do. This condition is complicated further by their exaggerated view of what the normal penis size should be.

The facts in numbers

In order to understand whether you suffer from such psychological afflictions or not, you need to know for sure what exactly the size of an average penis is. The average penis must measure anywhere between 3 and 5 inches when not erect and between 5 and 7 inches when erect. Very small penises which is also medically referred to a micropenis is when it is shorter than 3 inches in length and that also when it is erect.

Its psychological, the doctors will assure you

There is a lot of hype around the media and the internet and people making a lot of fuss about the size of their penis and connecting it with the actual sexual pleasure that they are capable of giving to their partners. Men can also use supplements to provide temporary gains in size. These pills increase blood flow which can give you bigger and harder erections. You can find out more info here

Instead of blindly believing that you have a smaller penis and that you will not be able to satisfy the lady, we would recommend that you talk to your love interest and know what she feels about the size.

Believe us, there is nothing more pleasurable than being on the same wavelength as her and if your partner has no qualms whatsoever about your size, why should it then matter to you?

by discussing your concerns and giving her an ear, you will do yourself a favor by enjoying all your time without worrying at all and in the bargain also make sure that your lady has a royal time too!